Before you proceed, make sure that your computer or operating system is able to run Python 3.6 and up because we will not support any other versions of this software

MVTs need a version number higher than three in order for us to be able process payments with them!

MVT payments will go through a standard charge process, the only difference is that you will be charged for your users’ usage of MVTs. How much it costs to use an MVT depends on the marketer that created the MVT and how he/she configured their pricing model. In most cases however, you will be charged a monthly fee in addition to the cost of every transaction made using this MVT . You can expect from us to lower our fees when possible! This way we hope to encourage marketers out there to think about making their high-value products available via MVTs in order to increase sales! As with all other Stripe transactions, your customers will see a unique token instead of your real card number during checkout.